Sprinkler Repair

Sprinkler repairs are probably not high on your list of fun things to do. But at Avant Garde Landscaping, we’re actually quite fond of these unexciting projects.

You see, it’s your sprinkler system that keeps your lawn and landscaping lush and healthy. When something goes wrong with the sprinklers, your yard quickly begins to show signs of stress.

If the sprinkler repair isn’t done quickly, you risk losing plants, shrubs and even trees.

But if you’ve ever spent hours in the hardware store agonizing over which part to buy, only to have to make yet another trip because you chose the wrong component, you will appreciate the value of professional sprinkler repair services from Avant Garde Landscaping.

Sprinkler Repairs Protect Your Investment

Whether your yard is large and lushly landscaped, or small and carefully manicured, it represents a significant investment of time and money.

The northern Utah climate does not, for much of the year, provide an adequate supply of rainfall to maintain your plants, trees and grass. Watering with a hose or an old-school lawn sprinkler is time-consuming and ineffective. And, even worse, these methods can result in a horrendous waste of water.

An efficient and well-designed sprinkler system is not only a great way to save precious water, it also keeps your water bills low. And, other than changing the programming to match seasonal needs, it requires no time or attention on your behalf.

Sprinkler repairs ensure that your sprinklers are working correctly, and that your landscaping receives the right amount of moisture – at the proper times throughout the day – to maximize the health and beauty of grass and plants.

Periodic Sprinkler Maintenance Eliminates Costly Problems for Saratoga Springs, Utah Homeowners

Automatic sprinklers require a variety of specialty components, all working as part of the overall system.

Although none of the components are particularly complex or costly, the failure of a single valve or pipe joint can cause the entire system to fail. If a valve fails below the soil level, precious water can be spilled underground. In addition to wasting water, this can cause settling and unwanted fungus growth.

Periodic maintenance of your sprinkler system along with specific sprinkler repair is the most effective way to detect potential problems, and correct them before the system fails, resulting in costly repairs.

Even a few summer days without water is enough to compromise the health of your plants and grass. Without water, your turf becomes stressed, making it vulnerable to weed and pest infestation. Not only are these costly battles to fight, but you may be faced with the unsightly problem for the rest of the season.

Use Sprinkler System Repairs to Improve System Performance

When we undertake a sprinkler repair project, we do much more than replace a worn or failed part.

This is the ideal time to evaluate your coverage, and make adjustments that enhance the system’s performance. If you have noticed brown spots in your grass, for example, we can make adjustments to improve coverage to ensure every blade of grass gets the water it needs.

We will always take the time to assist you with those pesky sprinkler timer programming tasks, so you don’t have to agonize over them yourself.

For our regular customers, we call you when its time for the spring sprinkler start-up or fall winterization chores to happen, giving you one less item to worry about!

Contact Avant Garde Landscaping of Saratoga Springs, UT, today to schedule maintenance service, or for any sprinkler repairs you may need.