Sprinkler Installation

No landscape is complete without a system for delivering precious water. In fact, we believe that an effective automatic watering system is the symbolic heart of a healthy landscape, which is why we offer quality sprinkler installation services.

When you make the investment of landscaping your home or business, you want it to be healthy and beautiful all year. A professionally designed and installed sprinkler system is the most effective way of achieving this goal.

Avant Garde Landscaping employs the most knowledgeable and experienced sprinkler technicians in the Intermountain West. Whether you need a new system installed as a part of a landscaping project, or if it’s time to add sprinklers to your existing yard, we are the premier sprinkler installation contractor in northern Utah.

The Magic of Professional Utah Sprinkler System Design & Installation

The theory behind sprinkler system design may seem simplistic, but it’s actually a complex blend of art and science.

Avant Garde Landscaping customizes every system to your specific needs, creating zones for each type of plant, shrub and tree, as well as for your turf. We put our extensive experience to work for you, to design the most effective and efficient landscape irrigation system for you.

Our goals are simple but profound. We strive to design every lawn watering system to meet the needs of the customer, while considering the future.

If you’re like most of our customers, your landscaping will change and evolve over time. We design scalability into every system, to accommodate those changes and additions that you will inevitably wish to make in the future.

Professional Sprinkler Installation Saves Water and Money for Saratoga Springs Homeowners

Water has become one of Utah’s most precious resources. Fortunately, a professional sprinkler installation helps you preserve water and reduce your utility costs, all while keeping your landscaping healthy and beautiful.

By designing and installing a sprinkler system that waters with precision, we can minimize your costs now and in the future. Our materials and workmanship warranties ensure that your system works as it should, season after season.

Technology Innovations in Sprinkler Installation

Although many “one and done” landscape contractors still use system components and sprinkler installation techniques that were developed years (or decades) ago, Avant Garde Landscaping leverages the most advanced technology for your landscape.

Today’s sprinkler components are more durable and versatile, and provide a myriad of opportunities to increase efficiency while reducing water use.

For example, the new high-efficiency sprinkler valves and nozzles are up to 35 percent more effective than those sold even 10 years ago. In fact, newer high-efficiency systems can often be programmed to accommodate any local water restrictions that are in place.

One of our favorite new technologies is the “smart” sprinkler system. By connecting a weather station and use controller, we can program your system to adapt to climate conditions and your specifications for water use.

We are located in Saratoga Springs, Utah, but we serve customers in the Salt Lake City metro area and the surrounding communities of northern Utah. Contact Avant Garde Landscaping today for more information about our professional landscaping services, including sprinkler installation and system design.