Rock Walls

Whether your lot requires an extensive retaining wall system, or if you simply enjoy the rugged, natural beauty of a rock wall, Avant Garde Landscaping is your locally owned and operated expert.

The unique terrain and soil conditions of northern Utah can pose a number challenges, especially when retention is necessary. Our harsh weather extremes tax even the strongest stone structures. Consequently, the design and engineering of rock walls must address these factors.

Avant Garde, serving Saratoga Springs, Utah and the surrounding communities, has decades of experience in retention, pathways and stone accent work. We serve both residential and commercial landscape customers, so don’t hesitate to contact us, no matter your needs!

Form and Function for Rock Retaining Walls

Retaining walls serve a critical purpose, keeping
Rock Walls soils contained and preserving the structural integrity of your lot and home. That doesn’t mean they have to be boring or unattractive!

Avant Garde Landscaping is committed to creating rock walls that are as beautiful and they are strong.

Our engineers understand the complex factors relating to excavation and support systems, and they have extensive knowledge of local building codes and national standards.

We guarantee that your project will be carefully engineered for performance. But our innovative landscape designers will ensure that they look as good as they endure. Sloped lots and those that require extensive terracing are our specialty, but we are equally excited about building a simple decorative rock wall in your garden.

Design Your Utah Rock Wall to Suit Your Unique Style

Whatever your landscape and architectural style preferences, Avant Garde Landscaping can create the ideal rock walls and accents to match.

In northern Utah, many of our customers prefer the natural look and feel of boulders. You can specify the color and size you prefer, or we can create a customized design that you will love.

Drystack stone is also extremely popular with our clients. More subtle and contemporary than boulders, this material is as versatile as it is beautiful. Built without mortar, drystack retaining walls are the perfect choice for northern Utah. They facilitate soil drainage and, because they can move and flex, they’re uniquely able to endure our weather and temperature extremes.

Concrete masonry block walls are also a classic choice. From vast areas of retention to half-height garden accent walls, block provides a solid and highly customizable option.

Rock Steps, Pathways and Accents for Saratoga Springs Homes

As a part of our menu of services, Avant Garde Landscaping can also create custom rock accents, steps and pathways designed to match your rock walls.

Rock WallsCreate cozy seating areas and expand the usable space in your yard. Or let us create raised bed planters with rock walls.

And of course, we can accent any wall or hardscaping with the perfect plants and landscape elements, to ensure that it blends seamlessly with your space.

We are based in Saratoga Springs and serve customers throughout northern Utah and all along the Wasatch Front. Contact us today for a free site analysis and price quote. Trust Avant Garde Landscaping for all of your retention and rock wall needs.