Lawn Sprinkler Systems in Sandy, Utah

Automatic lawn sprinkler system installation ensures that your Sandy, Utah, landscaping thrives under the most challenging of climate conditions.

Avant Garde Landscaping is proud to provide customized sprinkler design, installation, maintenance and repair in Sandy, Utah and throughout northern Utah. We provide residential and commercial sprinklers as well as full-service landscape design and installation, including hardscapes, water features and rock walls.

Sandy Utah Sprinkler systems installation

Sprinkler Systems Designed to Meet Your Needs in Sandy, Utah

Whether you have a large commercial property or a modest ranch home in the suburbs of Sandy, Utah, you need landscaping. And your landscape needs the correct amount of water.

We create custom sprinkler system designs to meet your specific needs, whatever size and scope they may be. No two landscape designs are the same, and neither should their irrigation system designs be.

Our landscape and plant care experts understand the best way to care for your trees, shrubs, flowers and ornamental plants. We use this level of expertise to design and program your system. This ensures that your grass and plants remain healthy and beautiful, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them.

Sprinkler Maintenance in Sandy, Utah

Although the sprinkler systems we install for our Sandy customers are designed to last for many years, regular maintenance will help ensure that your irrigation system provides decades of consistent, reliable service.

Our periodic Utah sprinkler maintenance is also the best way to identify potential problems before they strike. Our technicians can inspect valves and nozzles, lines and connections to identify any parts that may require replacement. That way, you’ll have less worry about an unexpected leak or programming problem that can waste water, cost money and compromise the health of your plants.

Sandy, Utah Irrigation & Sprinkler Repair

If your sprinkler system does experience a problem, you need a quick response to restore operation. Your landscaping represents a significant investment and, in our unpredictable Utah climate, even a few days without water can compromise the health of your trees, shrubs, plants and grass.

Our technicians will troubleshoot your system and provide expert sprinkler repair, to restore your irrigation system as quickly as possible. We can also assist you with expansion or redesign of your existing system, to accommodate new landscaping elements.

In addition to design, installation and service for automatic sprinkler systems, Avant Garde Landscaping provides expert landscape design and installation, hardscape, water features and decorative rock and retaining walls. We offer our full range of services for both commercial and residential clients in the Salt Lake City area and throughout northern Utah. In business since 2001, we have an exceptional reputation and extensive experience as landscape contractors.

Contact us today for more information, and to schedule your complimentary consultation for automatic landscape sprinkler system installation in Sandy, Utah.