Draper Sprinkler Installation and Repair

In Draper and throughout northern Utah, lawn and landscape sprinklers are the most effective – and cost-effective – way to ensure that your plants and grass thrive all year long.

When you invest in a professional landscape design and installation, an automatic sprinkler system helps protect your investment.

Avant Garde Landscaping designs and installs automatic sprinkler systems for residential and commercial customers in Draper, Utah. We offer these exceptional services as well as full-service landscaping design and installation.

Draper Utah Sprinkler installation and Repair

Automatic Sprinkler Systems for Draper Landscapes

Our experienced lawn sprinkler team designs a fully automated system to meet your unique needs.

Sprinkler system design requires a little bit of artistry and a lot of specialized knowledge. Each plant, tree and shrub requires (and receives) individual attention, based on the species and size of the plant. But the water requirements of each will also vary during different times of the year.

If you have turf, it also requires specialized attention to ensure its health and beauty year after year. Healthy grass resists pests, diseases and weeds – and water is the secret to healthy grass.

Finally, we design your sprinklers to provide flexibility and to meet your future needs. Your plants will grow and change, and their water needs may change accordingly. You may expand your landscaping or add new elements in future years. We strive to make these changes easy for you, and we will design as much future flexibility as possible into your system.

Smart Sprinkler Technology for Draper Customers

You may be surprised to learn just how technologically advanced today’s automatic sprinkler systems can be.

In addition to using the highest quality components, Avant Garde Landscaping also takes advantage of water-wise technology and advanced electronic controllers. Poorly designed systems waste precious water, costing Draper residents money and placing your plants, trees and grass in jeopardy.

But, with today’s highly efficient sprinkler components, your system will use a minimal amount of water. In most cases, you will be able to use your sprinklers even during periods of water use restrictions.

Smart technology can put control of your system in your hands, wherever you may be. Controllers can be programmed and operated with an app on your internet-connected smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world.

Draper, Utah Sprinkler Installation & Repair

In addition to residential and commercial sprinkler system design and installation, Avant Garde is pleased to provide professional sprinkler repair in Draper.

When your system develops a problem, we understand that time is of the essence. Left alone, a system problem can waste a phenomenal amount of water and jeopardize the health of your landscaping and sod.

If you notice a problem with your system, or if you notice health issues with any of your plants, contact our office as soon as possible to schedule your sprinkler repair.

Avant Garde Landscaping provides a full range of landscaping services to customers in Draper and the surrounding communities of northern Utah. Contact us today to learn more about our landscape design and installation services and to request your complimentary consultation and estimate for your Draper sprinkler system design and installation.