Why You Need a Sprinkler System Inspection when Buying a Home

A lawn sprinkler system provides critical support for maintaining your home’s landscaping and turfgrass. Unfortunately, home buyers frequently overlook this important system during the inspection period.

If you are shopping for a new home, having a sprinkler system inspection can save you time, money and heartache in the future.

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Why Is a Sprinkler System Inspection Important?

When buying a house, you recognize the importance of inspecting the home’s electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems as well as the roof and structural elements. If you don’t conduct a thorough review of these elements, you may face expensive repairs in the future or, worse, an unsafe place for your family to live.

Although a home’s lawn sprinkler system isn’t likely to cause a safety hazard, it certainly could in the right circumstances. Underground sprinkler leaks, for example, can cause instability in the soil beneath the home’s foundation. This may ultimately lead to settling and structural problems.

A more likely scenario is that your potential dream house may have an aged or faulty system that won’t do its job to keep the landscaping healthy. An outdated system, although it may still work, can use almost double the amount of water that a newer system would – and cost you twice as much in water bills.

Although you may elect to move forward with your purchase no matter what the sprinkler inspection report reflects, you will do so with a full understanding of what you may face in the future.

Doesn’t a Home Inspection Include the Irrigation System?

Some general home inspection companies will include the landscape irrigation system; however, most companies charge extra for this service. Unfortunately, most home inspectors do not have in-depth knowledge regarding lawn irrigation and drip systems.

Regular home inspectors typically also lack the proprietary tools and training that a sprinkler system expert has.

Because every irrigation system is unique – and because hundreds of manufacturers produce timers, valves and other components – few general home inspectors could ever hope to become familiar with all of them. A sprinkler contractor, however, will possess the knowledge and capability to thoroughly evaluate the condition and capacity of the equipment.

How to Find a Utah Sprinkler System Inspector

Finding an experienced, professional Utah sprinkler inspector may be more challenging than you would expect. The most effective way to find an irrigation system inspector is to contact a local landscaping contractor.

Avant Garde Landscaping, based in Sarasota Springs UT, provides this critical service for our customers. We are a locally owned landscaping contractor serving clients in the Salt Lake City area and throughout Northern Utah. Our expert services include the design and installation of residential and commercial landscaping as well as professional sprinkler system design, installation, maintenance and repair.

Contact us today to learn more, and to schedule your Utah sprinkler system inspection.